Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eternal Muse.

Oh Loooovelies. This is who I design for. Magical nymphs that never cease to age in heart and spirit. They are innocent, bright eyed, fragile beauties enchanted with charm and wit.


david&kelly said...

Adorable Blog. I just love your designs! I can't wait to come by and see your shop sometime.

would you want to meet up for lunch this week... maybe Thurs.? I'm pretty flexible, so any other day will probably work for me too.

See ya soon,

Kelly Wallace

Dianna said...

I love these photos and agree that these are the girls I would love to design for as well! I am enjoying reading your blog so much.
I will have to have my beautiful daughter (Sara Merten) introduce us sometime when I am in Brooklyn. I would love to see your shop and designs.
God Bless!
Dianna Castner